Modern Sales Funnels Will Blow Your Mind; part 2 [Value]

Nov 19, 2023

From the very first moment potential customers become aware of your product or service—marking the awareness stage of the sales funnel—until the moment in the sales process that they make a purchase, they embark on a unique customer journey. This journey can start with a simple Google search or a visit to your landing page, and evolves as they move through the different sales funnel stages.

As a business, you control the choices that intentionally guide them through this journey, ensuring that their experience enhances their knowledge and leads to better decision-making. Inaction on your part, on the other hand, might leave them to navigate a sea of options with lesser information, leading to inconsistent outcomes.

In our role designing the sales process, creating a quality sales funnel that effectively captures the interest of both new and existing customers is a crucial one. We're tasked with the responsibility to not just attract their attention but to create a meaningful impact—a spark of awareness about their challenges. This is where the sales funnel process begins, laying the groundwork for a relationship built on trust and value. By providing a free sales funnel template or demonstrating how a sales funnel works, we empower them with knowledge.

This journey, though varied for each individual, is unified by the value they perceive as they advance through each sales funnel stage. As they navigate from the interest stage to considering a purchase, they'll evaluate how our solutions stack up against competitors. It's our job to ensure that by the time they reach the decision-making stage, they are convinced that our offering is not just a product or service, but the best solution for their needs.

Ultimately, every step in this journey—from the moment they discover us to the final purchase—is a chance for us to prove the true value of our solutions. It's about turning prospective customers into happy customers who see the worth in what we offer, compelling them to make an informed purchasing decision. Wouldn't you agree that this approach is not only effective but also a responsibility for any sales team striving for sales success?

Four General Funnel Stages

Stage 1: Awareness

The first of the sales funnel stages is called the “awareness" stage because it's where potential customers first become aware of your product or service. They may hear about you from your advertising on various platforms, social media engagement, or even through word of mouth.

How and why these prospective customers move down the sales funnel depends on your sales and marketing abilities. The leads in the middle and lower funnel stages, which include interested and deciding customers, are crucial because they've moved beyond awareness to interest. At this point, they're engaging more deeply and seeking further education from your marketing campaign efforts.

An example of the awareness stage could be a prospect encountering your company for the first time, perhaps through a Google search, by clicking on one of your targeted ads, reading your insightful blog, or hearing a colleague talk about your products or services.

Stage 2: Interest

Once prospects have become aware of your brand, they enter the interest stage. Here, they evaluate your offerings based on their level of interest, considering the problems they’re trying to solve and conducting competitive research to ensure your solution is the best.

Tools like targeted email marketing, engaging text campaigns, informative video content, and downloadable resources such as whitepapers or ebooks can be particularly effective at this stage.

Stage 3: Decision

Armed with information about your company and its offerings, prospects delve into your pricing and package options during the decision stage. Here, sales pages, educational webinars, and direct communication through calls become critical in swaying the prospects towards making a purchase decision.

Stage 4: Action

This stage is the culmination of all your efforts: whether the prospect converts into a paying customer or not. If not, the opportunity isn’t lost; this is where nurture campaigns come into play to ensure your brand remains top of mind for future prospects.

In essence, while these steps outline the basic structure of a sales funnel or marketing funnel, their effectiveness lies in how they are executed. The difference is akin to comparing holistic medicine with allopathic medicine in terms of approach and philosophy. By layering functional components over this mechanical structure, your sales funnel can truly come to life, transforming the general public into loyal and enthusiastic customers for your business.

How To Create Value in Your Sales Funnel

Our clients, whether they are potential customers or existing customers, have dreams, goals, and hobbies that define their existence. They also face challenges that prevent them from achieving these. When you can construct a sales relationship and an offer so valuable that customers feel compelled to accept it, you create a powerful and life-changing sales funnel.

First and foremost, it's vital to make a strong first impression. Prospects must be drawn to what you offer, and for this, it’s imperative to create an attractive character or an avatar with whom they can connect. This is a key stage in the effective sales funnel process.

An Attractive Character Has 4 Necessary Qualities:

1. Backstory

Every successful attractive character has a backstory, a narrative that might be a true reflection of your journey, complete with successes and struggles. This backstory resonates with your target audience, making your brand relatable and authentic.

2. Speaks in Parables

Engaging your audience with stories helps them connect with the core message. Whether it's a simple anecdote or a complex narrative, the key is that these stories should resonate with the experiences and emotions of your audience.

3. Shares Character Flaws

Real people aren't perfect, and an attractive character should reflect this reality. Being open and honest about flaws makes your character more approachable and relatable, enhancing customer interactions and building trust.

4. Harnesses the Power of Polarity

Strong, decisive leadership attracts followers. In your sales funnel, taking a clear stance and not shying away from expressing strong opinions can establish authority and respect. It can also serve as the "special sauce" that brings them back around for yet another sales cycle.

Attractive Character Storylines in Sales Funnels:

Some common storylines that work effectively in sales funnels include:

- Loss & Redemption

Stories of overcoming adversity resonate deeply with audiences.

- Us vs. Them

A polarizing stance can be a powerful tool to create a sense of community and exclusivity.

- Before & After

Transformation stories are compelling and showcase the value of your product or service.

- Amazing Discovery

Sharing an exciting discovery can captivate and engage your audience.

- Secret Telling

Intrigue your audience with a secret, creating a sense of curiosity and engagement.

- Third Person Testimonials

Real stories from your customers can validate your claims and build trust.

Each of these storylines can be strategically integrated into your sales pipeline, from creating initial awareness to guiding prospects through the decision-making process and towards a successful purchase. Remember, the effectiveness of your sales funnel lies in how well you can connect with and convert your potential customers into loyal and happy clients.

Nurturing the Relationship in the Sales Funnel

Having successfully caught the attention of our prospective customers, we've introduced them to a relatable and engaging character within our sales funnel. Our next objective is to deepen this engagement, fostering trust and positioning ourselves as a trusted source of information and knowledge. Achieving this level of trust is crucial for us to effectively present our products and services to them.

In today's digital marketing landscape, where audiences are inundated with vast amounts of information, making your message stand out is a challenging yet essential task. To accomplish this within our sales funnel, we utilize proven storyline formulas. These narrative techniques have demonstrated their effectiveness over decades in capturing attention, engaging the audience more deeply, and preparing them to be receptive to further education and offers about our product or service.

By applying these techniques, we guide our potential customers through our sales pipeline, from initial awareness to interest, and ultimately to the decision-making stage. This journey through the sales funnel involves not just selling a product or service, but creating a meaningful and lasting relationship with each customer. Through effective sales funnel management, we ensure that each interaction adds value, builds trust, and moves the prospect closer to becoming a loyal and paying customer.

Each interaction in this journey through your sales funnel, whether it's through targeted content marketing, personalized email campaigns, or an engaging landing page, is a step towards turning prospective customers into happy, loyal clients. The key is to maintain a balance between providing valuable information and making compelling offers, all while keeping the customer’s needs and journey through the sales funnel at the forefront of our strategy.

Crafting Irresistible Sales Offers in the Sales Funnel

Having established ourselves as trustworthy guides in our prospects' journey through learning about our solutions, we at Symbio.Click now reach the pivotal stage of making a sale. This is where the sales funnel process culminates in presenting an offer that's too good to refuse.

In our digital marketing agency, we pay attention to the finer details. We abide by the rule that our websites, landing pages, and banner images are pixel-perfect. This meticulous attention to detail extends to our sales funnels as well, ensuring each one is optimized to convert effectively.

We firmly believe in the philosophy that if you've invested considerable effort in setting up your sales funnel for success, it's crucial not to falter at the offer stage. A well-constructed offer can command a premium price while still leaving the client feeling that they're getting an unbeatable deal. This approach is what we consider our secret to adding even more value.

Consider this: if your business charges a fair price for your products or services, wouldn't this incentivize you to provide top-notch follow-up and support to your clients? Contrary to the belief that lower prices always equate to better value, we argue that a well-priced offer can actually enhance the perceived value and customer satisfaction.

So, how do we construct an offer that makes people willing to pay a premium—be it 10%, 20%, or more—because they are confident in the exceptional support and satisfaction they'll receive? We achieve this through what we call creating million-dollar offers, or offers that are too good to pass up.

The key lies in a strategic exercise that identifies your prospect's objections and concerns. Understanding these potential barriers is invaluable. Once you address and resolve these objections, the path to accepting the offer becomes clear for the customer. Additionally, an offer that preemptively resolves these concerns will outshine competitors' offers, regardless of price.

This approach to sales funnel management not only enhances customer experience but also ensures a higher conversion rate for your business. By creating offers that intelligently address customer pain points and exceed their expectations, you set the stage for successful sales and long-term customer loyalty.

Creating a Win-Win Scenario in the Sales Funnel

At Symbio.Click agency, we firmly believe in the principle that true success in the realm of sales and marketing is achieved when everyone benefits. This belief is deeply rooted in our approach to creating value within the sales funnel.

When we provide exceptional value to our clients, to the extent that they are more than satisfied paying a premium for our well-crafted solutions, it sets off a ripple effect. A satisfied client is likely to refer our services, extending the value we've provided to their network. In this way, our clients win by receiving high-quality service, their friends and family win by getting trustworthy recommendations, the community benefits from shared positive experiences, and our agency wins by fostering lasting relationships and loyalty.

This approach underscores our commitment to not just meeting but exceeding client expectations without the need for discounting our prices. By focusing on delivering outstanding value and cultivating customer loyalty, we create a sustainable model of success. This strategy not only enhances customer lifetime value but also contributes to a positive reputation, driving both new and existing customers to our business.

In essence, our success as an agency is a reflection of the success we bring to our clients. It's a testament to the effectiveness of our sales funnels and our dedication to delivering solutions that genuinely meet the needs of our clients. Our goal is to ensure that every interaction within the sales funnel is a step towards creating a mutually beneficial relationship, where every party involved feels valued and satisfied.